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Incoming 6th Grade Enrollment 2020

Hello Future Waller Eagles!!! 

We are excited to start planning for next year!  Enrollment for next year’s 6th grade students will be open from Friday, April 24 until Friday, May 1.  After those dates we will contact students directly who did not enroll.  We are so glad we were able to visit with each of you in your 5th grade classrooms before Spring Break and the Covid-19 School Closure. We will be enrolling through a Google Form.  Simply click on the link below, fill out, and submit.  Please fill out every question and if you have any questions during or after please contact us by e-mail or phone. 


Core Classes - ELA, Math, Science, Geography are offered as standard or enriched classes and you can take all standard or enriched or pick and choose if your student is interested in a particular core class. If you and your student are not certain what is best ask your 5th grade teacher for their thoughts. Teacher recommendation is a part of the process.


Electives - You will have 3 periods of electives next year!  Please rank the elective classes 1-10 on the form.  We need to have all of them ranked so that we can place you in alternates if your first choices are not available.


Enrollment form link:


You can also find all of this information in the Google Classroom we have made for our Future Waller 6th Grade Class.  Google Code = wjtfl4q


Mrs. Leap - Last names A-L - – 580-366-7904

Mrs. Fulmer - Last names M-Z - – 580-366-7903