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Dress Code

Dress Code

As a friendly reminder, below are highlights of the dress code that will provide a more conducive learning environment for all:

  • Short-shorts, skirts, sleepwear/pajamas, mesh shirts, tank tops, muscle shirts, midriffs, halters, clothes with holes or tears in inappropriate places and other similar attire are inappropriate for school wear and are not permitted.

(An easy guideline to follow for length of skirts/shorts is having the student place their hands to their side. The majority of their fingers should touch the fabric. Students may be asked to call home if apparel is too short).

  • Yoga pants/leggings are permissible as long as the shirt worn with the leggings is long enough that the majority of a student’s fingers touch the shirt.
  • Hats, bandanas, chains, headphones and sunglasses are not to be worn/visible inside the buildings at any time.