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????  Most Frequently Asked Questions  ????


How can I access my child’s grades and records through the Parent Portal?

To protect the security of all student information, Enid Public Schools requires that parents personally visit the school to receive their Parent Portal username and password. You will also be asked to sign a form acknowledging terms of use.


What is the school’s policy regarding attendance?

A student must be in attendance at least 90% of the time according to Oklahoma law.  Attendance is reported by the hour.  A student may fail one class due to attendance. Student absences in which documentation can be provided verifying a doctor’s visit, do not count against a student’s attendance. However, these absences do affect the school’s overall attendance. Student not in attendance 90% of the school day may be required to make up attendance. Please make every effort to schedule doctor’s appointment outside the school day. Please read the policy in the handbook for more details.


What is the difference between excused and unexcused absences?

We ask that parents contact the school whenever their child will be absent so that we will know he/she is safe and in your care. Excused absences are recorded when a parent calls the school notifying office staff of the absence.  An unexcused absence is one in which no call is made by the parent. We appreciate your cooperation.


If my child is absent, can I pick up his/her work?

It is helpful to students to keep their class work current, even when they miss school. If your child is absent for two consecutive days, please email your child’s teachers for work in their google classrooms.  If your child knows that he/she will miss in advance, assignments can be provided before the school days are missed.


Can a family member pick up my child for an appointment?

For safety reasons, only individuals listed on your child’s demographic record can check them out or visit them at school. Please review your child’s information, kept in the office, to make sure every family member that you wish is listed in case of an emergency. Also, please inform the office as soon as possible if you have any changes throughout the school year.


Can my child bring their cell phone or electronic device to school?

Yes, under school policy, a student can have a cell phone at school.  If a student has persistent infractions regarding cell phone misuse, a student will be asked to leave their device at home to avoid it becoming an educational distraction.  For further information please reference “Electronic Devices”.


What if my cell phone/electronic device gets lost or stolen at school?

Report immediately any lost or stolen device to an administrator and they will assist you in contacting campus police so a report can be filed.  The school is not responsible for any loss of personal items.


What is considered too short when determining the appropriate length of shorts and skirts?

An easy guideline to follow is having your child place their hands to their side.  If the majority of their fingers touch skin, your child may be asked to call home.  The same rule applies to leggings (tights).  A shirt, must cover leggings at the fingertip when hands are at the child’s side.


How does eligibility for extracurricular activities work?

Students must be passing in their classes in order to participate on an ongoing basis in extracurricular activities. (Passing is considered 59.5% average or higher.) Each week a list of students who are not passing is generated in the office. The list is based on current, overall, semester grades. The first week that the students’ name appears on the list, for any class, they are placed on probation and still allowed to participate in activities, pursuant to Oklahoma law and district policy. Students who are included on the list a second week are ineligible for competition. Once a student’s name is no longer on the list, he/she is eligible and the cycle begins again.


In the Parent Portal records, what do the attendance codes mean?

AE     Absent Excused

AN     Emergency, Dr., Court, etc.

AT     Truant

AU     Absent Unexcused

TU     Tardy Unexcused

ET     DCT (don’t count tardy)

EX     Saturday School attendance (Absent or tardy was worked off in Saturday school)

OS    Suspension


DCA (Don’t Count Absent) Codes

EA     Academics                       EM       Music

EO    Stuco, Etc.                       ES        Sports



How can I add to my child’s lunch plan?

When you send money for meals with your student, it will be added into an account that he/she can use for breakfast or lunch. The cost of breakfast is $1.25, while lunch is $2.75. Students will use a provided ID number when going through the food line. Parents may print an application for free and reduced-lunch rates by visiting the EPS website at



Can I bring my child lunch?

You are very welcome to bring lunch to your child. Please drop the food by the office before their regular lunch time. For the safety of other students who may have allergies, food cannot be shared among students, so please bring only for your son/daughter. You can add money to your child’s account online through InTouch. More information can be found on our website.

InTouch Sign Up link:

InTouch Step-By-Step link:



How often do report cards go out in the middle school grades?

At the secondary level progress reports go out every 9 weeks and at the end of the semester.  The last report card of the year is emailed to the student’s home.